Skylanders: Cross Company is an installment in the Skylanders series. Kaos does not appear in here, and the Golden King takes his place.

Story Edit

Long ago, Skylands was ruled by none other than the Golden King (who acts like King George III). The Cross Company was the Mabu's only hope, because they had 2 elements. They battled, but they were blasted to Earth, turning them into toys. Also, half of the Golden King's lair was blasted apart, turning them into Gold Rings, which the Cross Company can wear and become Golden.

Skylanders Edit

Core Edit

Twister (Air)

Erosion (Air)

Calm Lake (Water)

Whirlpool (Water)

Pollen Puff (Life)

Ivy Sap (Life)

Brick Throw (Earth)

Painquake (Earth)

Insectophobe (Undead)

Howlowee (Undead)

Gace (Tech)

Swift Boots (Tech)

Candlehead (Fire)

Flamage (Fire)

Pulse (Magic)

Predicto (Magic)

Series 2-5 Edit

Burning Smolderdash (Series 2)

Grenade Chopper (Series 2)

Spiked King Blades (Series 2)

Venomous Combo Scorp (Series 2)

Police Officer Drill Sergant (Series 3)

Mega Claw Terrafin (Series 4)

High Flying Spyro (Series 4)

Aqua Harpoon Gill Grunt (Series 5)


Cross CompanyEdit

Dash (Air/Water)

Creventions (Tech/Magic)

More coming soon, k?



Bomb Shell 2.0

Pain Yatta 2.0

Rage Mage 2.0

Tae Kwon Crow 2.0

Mr. Twister

King Spell Punk


Shrednaught 2.0

Bruiser Cruiser 2.0

Dr. Krankcase 2.0


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