Skylanders: Clash of the Giants
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Publisher(s) Activision
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s)
October 2015
Media Included 8/10 IGN
Predecessor Skylanders: Eon's Elite Uprising
Successor Skylanders: Reign of the SWAP Force

Skylanders Clash of the Giants is a spin off game that will be realased with Skylanders: Psychics. The Game adds eight new Elements and 1 Giant for each Element. Giants relaesed in Skylanders Psychics will be compatible but will not have any influence on the story, being from another game.


All Giants with Element
Giants Element
Ninjini Magic
Crusher Earth
Thumpback Water
Hot Head Fire
Bouncer Tech
Eye Brawl Undead
Swarm Air
Tree Rex Life
Surgent Electric
Bendabull Metal
Cold Case Frost
Toxic Waste Poison
Base Drop Chemical
Hades Dark
Athena Light
Stop Watch Time

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