Skylanders: Builders is an installment to the Skylanders Series. In this, there are all new Builder Skylanders, who can build things to help you on you way.




Builders Edit

New CoreEdit

Reposed SkylandersEdit

  • Dark Matter Voodood
  • Nova Star Strike
  • Talon Dino-Rang
  • Arachnid Scorp
  • Snowman Slam Bam
  • Siren Echo
  • Barbecue Sunburn
  • Eclipse Smolderdash
  • Nuclear Countdown
  • Rocket Chopper
  • Hydra Fright Rider
  • Monster Roller Brawl
  • Chelone Warnado
  • Balloon Pop Thorn
  • Pollenated Bumble Blast
  • Fungus Shroomboom


  • Starter Pack: Fire Starter, Gold Rush, Hydra Fright Rider
  • 3DS Starter Pack: Greasemonkey, Legendary Sucker Punch, Arachnid Scorp

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