Skylanders: Battlefield Edit

Skylanders: Battlefield is a new game in the Skylanders series. The console versions (Xbox, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii, and Wii U) are developed by Toys For Bob & Beenox while Vicarious Visions will develop the handheld versions. The console versions & the handheld versions will be released May 25, 2015.

Portal of Power Edit

Just like other previous Skylanders games, it uses a pedestal also known as the Portal Of Power. It will not return as the same as the previous game, Skylanders: Trap Team. Instead, it will be like the original Portal Of Power but also different. There will be a small area on the Portal where you can put your Battle Items into the game. More on Battle Items later. There will still be a small area on the Portal where you can trap and play as villains.

Story Edit

Right before the Portal Masters finally trapped Kaos in his Traptanium Prison, Kaos cast an evil spell over Skylands. Skylands was turned into a barren, war-torn wasteland. Now the Skylanders must defend the weak Skylands from its enemies. But a new force has been called into power, the Veterans. The Skylanders and the Veterans must work together with help from the Portal Masters.

Collections & Packs Edit

All Skylanders from SSA, SG, SSF, and STT are supported in Skylanders: Battlefield. There are 20 new Cores and 16 Series 2,3,4 Skylanders. There are also 16 Lightcores joining. There are also 10 Veterans. The number of Variants joining is currently unknown. There will also be new Single Traps, Trap Packs, Single Packs, Triple Packs, Battle Packs, Adventure Packs and 3 new kinds of Starter Packs, the Console Starter Pack, the Dark Starter Pack, and the Handheld Starter Pack.

Here are the characters in the Packs:Edit

Starter Pack: Portal of Power, Game Disc, Light Angel Trap, Water Hand Trap, Snapgrass, Blitzblast, and Fishy Fight Riptide

Handheld Starter Pack: Portal of Power, Game Card or App, Tech Torch, Dark Orb, Nutz-boltz, Wild Flame, and Holy Horns Spyro

Dark Starter Pack: Portal of Power, Game Disc, Light Angel Trap, Water Hand Trap, Pure Evil Trap, Dark Snapgrass, Dark Blitzblast, Dark Fishy Fight Riptide, and Dark Psyren

Battle Pack 1: Paincloud, Titan Hammer, and Midknife

Battle Pack 2: Eyepatch, Ember Whip, and Octo-pus

Adventure Pack Storm of Sorrow: Airrow, Storm of Sorrow, Great Golem, and Crystal Eye

Adventure Pack Rock of Riddles: Quake, Rock of Riddles, Pearl Pickaxe, Heart of Gold

Triple Pack 1: Burn-o-bot, Axehead, and Sunblocker

Triple Pack 2: Trick-key, Sun Ray, and Pain-da

Triple Pack 3: Legendary Bam-boo, Legendary Wishbone, and Legendary Coral Grief

Legendary Single Pack 1: Legendary Eyepatch

Legendary Single Pack 2: Legendary Burn-o-bot


Polar Ice Sickle

Short Circuit Nutz-boltz

Nitro Blitzblast

Solar Sun Ray

Hurricane Gust

Nitro Gear Gremlin

More Coming Soon!

Skylanders Edit

Fire: Blitzblast, Burn-o-bot, Fiery Fists Fryno, and the Veteran: Wild Flame

Water: Octo-pus, Coral Grief, Fishy Fight Riptide, and the Veteran: Ice Sickle

Undead: Wishbone, Eyepatch, Bone Shield Chop Chop, and the Veteran: Boneblade

Life: Pain-da, BAM-boo, Super Spore Shroomboom, and the Veteran: Snapgrass

Magic: Trick-key, Psyren, Holy Horns Spyro, and the Veteran: Craze Mage

Tech: Gear Gremlin, Nutz-boltz, Golden Glory Trigger Happy, and the Veteran: Zig Zag

Earth: Quake, Axehead, Totally Tough Terrafin, and the Veteran: Cannon Brawl

Air: Airrow, Paincloud, Super Slice Blades, and the Veteran: Gust

Dark: Sunblocker, Midknife, Black Blast Blackout, and the Veteran: De-moon

Light: Sun Ray, Solar Pain-el, Sun Smash Spotlight, and the Veteran: Sun-knight

New FeaturesEdit

In Skylanders: Battlefield there are lots new features. Here's a list of some!

Veteran Zones: Can only be accessed by a Veteran and there are 3 types: -Puzzle, -Battle, and -Adventure. There will be more on these later.

Battle Items: Put them in the Portal and you can use them in the game! Battle Items can help you solve Puzzles, win Battles, and complete Adventures! More on these later.

More Coming Soon!

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