Skylanders: Athletes is an installment to the Skylanders Series. In this, there are the all new athletes.


Every hundred years, creatures from far and wide came to participate in the Skylands Olympics. Every year, sixteen champions were chosen out of the millions. One year, after the champions were chosen, the Darkness appeared, and the champions fought back. Since they saved the Skylands Olympics, they became Skylanders.


Each of the athletes are based around a different sport.


  • slamdunk
  • dinger
  • touchdown
  • Goalz
  • Frisbro
  • Birdie
  • hole in one
  • sonic
  • mario
  • bullseye
  • backstroke
  • highstick
  • pacer
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


Every Skylander has a matching sport now. (e.g. Flameslinger has Archery, Stealth Elf has Martial Arts.) In the HUB there's a stadium, where you can play you favorite sports against other people, with your team of favorite Skylanders.

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