"Take to the Skies!"
    —Sky Rocket's official catchphrase

Sky Rocket is a cloud, who is a Power Up Core in Skylanders: Mighty Mob. He is of the Air element.

AirSymbolSkylanders Sky Rocket AirSymbolSkylanders
Species: Cloud
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Power Up
World: The Sky
Appears in: Blind's Games
Attacks/Actions: Cloud Whip, Cloud Portal
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Skylanders: Mighty Mob



As if we didn't have enough tricksters in Skylands already! He is a very mysterious character and has NEVER frowned in his life! He is also Skate Punk's partner in pranks, and is Soda Stream's jet pack bro.


No one knows where Sky Rocket came from, or where he resides now. All we know is that he just fell out of the sky. He likes to act like a ghost at times, appearing next to other skylanders and pranking them, and then disappearing again. One day, Pop Fizz caught Sky Rocket battling a Chum Archer, and noticed that he actually picked up a target and controlled the flaming arrow. He burned the archer to death, and Pop Fizz took Sky Rocket to see Master Eon to become a Skylander.




  • Sky Rocket is one of the several skylanders with Jet Packs in the series. (The others are Gator-Ace, Soda Pop, and Brain Buster.
  • Despite having a Jet Pack, he currently has no attack that makes him fly.
  • However, he did fly in his Power Play and trailer.
  • Sky Rocket is amongst the several skylanders that have a Soul Gem ability that sends enemies to the Netherworld.
  • He is the only skylander whose primary upgrade changes when you give him the first Basic upgrade.
  • Sky Rocket is among the few skylanders whom some of there upgrade were typed as if the creator was being lazy.
  • It is the fault of Sky Rocket that lead to Soda Pop being the first skylander to have his named changed five times. Soda Pop's original name before was Pop Rocket. However, when the creator thought of Sky Rocket, he thought it would be better to change Pop Rocket to Soda Pop, to prevent confusion and similarity with the two names. 

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