"I Relish The Fight!"

- Sauce Boss' Official Catchphrase

Sauce Boss
Basic Stats
Attack 200
Defense 100
Speed 50
Luck 150
Other attributes
Element Magic
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders Dark Squad

Sauce Boss is a mabu chef with a blaster that has a large cannon that blasts great balls of Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo. He is a magic core from Skylanders: Dark Squad. He is available in the Candy Dimension adventure pack.

Biography Edit

Sauce Boss used to be a simple Mabu Chef who lived in a small Mabu Village and owned a hot dog stand. He sold the best hot dogs in Skylands, probably due to the fact he used his father's secret sauces to make them taste like greatness. But one day, a horrible Spider Mage came to his village and caused an apocalyptic spider infestation. While others cowered, Sauce Boss bravely took apart his stand and rebuilt it into a cannon, which he used to blast sauce at every spider and stop the Spider Mage in an epic battle. Soon, Zook heard of this amazing battle and brought him to Eon, who din't only promote him to Head King Chef Of The Kitchen Of Honor, but made him a Skylander! Now, not only does Sauce Boss blast sauce at all evil everywhere, but also works wonders in the kitchen!

Upgrades Edit

Starter Upgrades: Edit

Sauce Cannon

Blast a ball of Ketchup at enemies.

Jar Lob

Lob a jar of sauce at enemies.

More Upgrades Coming Soon!

Quotes Edit

  • " I Relish The Fight! "
  • " Served to Perfection!"
  • " You got sauced around! "
  • " This is for more sauce!" - when collecting a chest
  • " Meh. Beats a Chef's Hat." - when given a hat

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second Skylander to be a mabu, behind Mab Lobs.
  • He is the second chef Skylander, behind Chef Pepper Jack.
  • His Jar Lob attack is a nod to Mab Lobs.
  • If you feel his cannon, you can feel it's bumpy texture and you can see it is clearly made from signs and metal mashed together.

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