EarthSymbolSkylanders Rockstar EarthSymbolSkylanders
Species: Golem
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Role: Elemental Master
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Stone Chord

Rock 'n' Roll!!!

English Voice Actor: TBA
"Are You Ready To Rock!?"
—Rockstar's official catchphrase

Rockstar is a Rock Elemental Master from Skylanders: Elemental Masters.



Rockstar lived alone in a cave most of his life, with nothing but his guitar and himself. He was the most awesome guitarist you ever saw, but no one saw him. Nobody had even heard the name "Rockstar" because he was a loner. After years of listening to the music bouncing off the walls of the cavern, he decided he wanted to show the rest of the world his talent. Only to find that it was in total chaos. With his music, he got all the cyclops and trolls out of the city, and was granted control over all the Earth element, and the honour of being an Elemental Master.


  • Rockstar is the second playable character to use a guitar in combat, the second being Wolfgang.
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