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Riddle 2

Species: Mystery Mage
Gender: Male
Element: Magic
World: Aura Forest
Appears in: Skylanders: Aqua Squad
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"Riddle Me This,"
    —Riddle's official catchphrase

Riddle is a new core Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is of the Magic element. He is a humanoid creature with a lot of tricks up his sleeve (literally).


Riddle, being a Mystery Mage, has a purple cloak/tuxedo on. There are lines running down it. He has a purple and yellow striped top hat that droops over slightly, adorned with the Magic element symbol. His arms and hands are shadowy, as is the norm for his species. His face is somewhat robotic looking, complete with question marks for eyes. Upon his feet are yellow elf-like shoes that have magic powers.


Riddle grew up in the Aura Forest, an isolated hideaway where a group known as the "Mystery Mages" trained in secret. He struggled to find a passion. Everyone was above him. They were stronger, smarter, and didn't ever take notice of the young magician. Years later, a mastermind tyrant invaded and enslaved the mages. Riddle managed to fool the tyrant into setting off his own trap. Unfortunately, he escaped in a rage. The two duked it out, and Riddle somehow came on top with his wits. He left the village afterwards, seeking adventure. On one of his travels, he met Master Eon in person. Although a bit hesitant, he agreed to join the Skylanders on their quest against evil.


POWER - 160/300

ARMOR - 140/300

AGILITY - 170/300

LUCK - 250/300