Py-Bro is a Demolition Troll, who is a Doom Raider in Skylanders: Portal Pullers. He is of the Fire element. He was sent to Prison Warp for exploding villages.

Database Edit

Species: Troll

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Role: Doom Raider

World: Skylands

Appears In: Skylanders: Portal Pullers

Attakes: Dynamite, Bombs, Rocket

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally Boomer's prototype, called Bomb Troll, but that design was scrapped for Boomer. The same design later became the same design Py-Bro has now.
  • In the fanon book "Skate Punk the Skylander, it erroronessly states his name as "Pie-Ro" in Chapter 2.
  • Not counting the rocket, he has the same attacks as Boomer.

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