WaterSymbolSkylanders Pressure Presser WaterSymbolSkylanders

TheDoctorofAwesomeness Pressure Presser

Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Role: Core
Appears in: Skylanders: Legend Of Skylands
Attacks/Actions: TBA
"Won by a hose!"
    —Pressure Presser's official catchphrase

Pressure Presser is a water Skylander from Skylanders: Legend of Skylands.



Pressure Presser was the guardian of the Forever-Filling-River. it was always full to the brim, even though it was emptied every night by the burning sun. some people say little people dance around in it to fill it up. the truth was much less strange. it was a hose. one night, Pressure Presser was refilling the river when a group of trolls attacked. they wanted to see how the river refilled. so Pressure Presser attacked them with his hose. seeing this, Master Eon made him a Skylander.

Thanks to...Edit

AdamGregory03 for this Amazing pic of Pressure Presser!


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