DarkSymbolSkylanders Path Breaker DarkSymbolSkylanders
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Element: Dark
Role: Futuristic Enhancer
World: Speed Boost Raceway
Appears in: Blind's Games
Attacks/Actions: Claws, ATV
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Skylanders: Mighty Mob
"Driving Out of Style!"
    —Path Breaker's official catchphrase

Path Breaker is a racer fox who is a new core character in Skylanders: Mighty Mob. He is of the Dark element.


Path Breaker is a black, biped fox. His face is black with a whitish-grayish stripe down the middle of it. He wears black biker clothes. He wears a black, leather jacket that is always open. He wears a black t-shirt underneath his jacket that looks like a skull on fire. His black, leather pants have indigo flames on it. His shoes are black, and there appears to be short spikes underneath. Path Breaker's ATV looks just like a Hot Wheels one, and has the same design as his pants.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Path Breaker always feels like he's on a mission, whether it's racing, battling, or any other thing. You'll almost never see him smile-- unless he either wins a race or successfully completes his hunting.

Biography Edit

Path Breaker once went for a stroll in a reclusive graveyard, that only Dark Skylanders were brave enough to wander. As he ambled along the other worldly trees and beings, he came across the corpse of an old biker. Fully aware of being hunted by a pack of Chum Wolves, Path Breaker ditched the skeleton, put on the bikers clothing, and rode off with the ATV. He also killed a number of Chum Wolves along the way with his claws that are made out of bear teeth. Seeing all this, Master Eon requested Path Breaker to join the Skylanders.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Path Breaker
Basic Stats
Attack 80/100
Defense 75/100
Speed 100/100
Luck 80/100
Other attributes
Element Dark
Type Futuristic Enhancer
Appears in Skylanders: Mighty Mob

Abilities Edit

Path Breaker constantly lives up to his name with his speedy ATV. He performs close-combat attacks by slashing with his bear toothed claws, and causes his ATV to self-destruct. Once that happens, though, he can't summon his ATV for the rest of the chapter, and his ATV attack is replaced by throwing broken ATV parts.

Upgrades Edit

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