Pain Toad
Species: Toad
Gender: Male
Element: Poison
Role: Villain


"One toad you don't want to mess with."
—Villain Vault

Pain Toad is a Poison Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Swamp Forest.


Pain Toad was chosen by Everglade to guard the treasure he had stolen from the creatures in Swamp Forest. Pain Toad promised he would guard it with his life, even though he did take some once in a while. No villain's perfect!


  • Attack 1: Hit enemy with tongue.
  • Attack 2: Bellyflop on enemies.


When evolved, Pain Toad turns from brown to green. For his villain quest, you must meet Ernie in Mad Temple. A bunch of houses are having a fly infestation, and Ernie needs you to get rid of them all! He says: "These houses are filled with flies. And they are not leaving soon, I can tell you that. Do you think Pain Toad will mind eating them?" Once you bring Pain Toad to Ernie, he says: "Pain Toad! Get rid of these flies!"


  • "Wide toad, coming through!"
  • "Hit the toad."
  • "Aw, yeah. Toad trip!"
  • "Toad. Pick the toad!"

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