Story Edit

After the events of Trap Team, Kaos was defeated and all was right in Skylands. But we all know that Kaos is not smart enough to create the technology he uses, such as the Evilizer. IF the Skylanders had investigated this more, they would have discovered something as old as Skylands itself. For while the Skylanders were fighting Kaos, an even more powerful force was being combated by...The Outlanders! Armed with the elements of Space, Sound, Thunder, Ice, Poison, Time, Metal, and Desert. This games repeats the past four games. Outlanders, Outlanders Giants, and so on.

Outlanders Characters Edit

If the name is orange, the page is finished (except art which will be added later) Fully Developed pages with backstories and attacks. White names are coming soon.


  •  ?


  • Spitfire
  • Radon
  •  ?
  •  ?


  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
  • Encore (Trap Master)


Other Characters Edit

  • Overseer

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