The Obsidian Airline is right now, the one and only airline in Sky's Magical World of Skylands, first created by Solar Reflex, Boom Box, Spike, Steam Dream, and Stomp Flomp.

History Edit

The very first airline created in Skylands was the result of an SOS signal from the Netherworld. Chompy Mage had been exploded, and when pulled down to the Netherworld, he was teleported onto Funeral Plunge, with no way of getting down. This led to Solar Reflex, Stomp Flomp, Spike, Steam Dream, and Boom Box creating a small Obsidian Airplane, and flew into the Netherworld to save Chompy Mage.

After that success, today obsiian airplanes are used around the Skylands to get to places over air.


Gallery Edit

Obsidian Airline

An Obsidian Airplane used in Sky's Magical World of Skylands. (Minecraft)

Download (1)-0

The Drivers Seat of an Obsidian Airplane.

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