The Nether Creek is a Portal to the Netherworld, found in the Cursed Cave in Sky's Magical World of Skylands.

Database Edit

World Type: Pond

World: Skylands

Residance: Wound Stone (Skylander)

Appearances: Sky's Magical World of Skylands

History Edit

This is how Nether Creek came to be.

One afternoon, Soul Stealer, a young, human, unfortunate soul who came from the Shadow Realms, came and paid a visit to the Cursed Cave. He had heard rumors of Wound Stone, a skylander who had died in a Chum Chewer attack, lived there. As he explored to cave, he had found a Wound Stone's tombstone. He left a coin on top of the grave and then bolted for the entrance of the cave, but then Wound Stone awoke from his long slumber. He cursed at Soul Stealer for interrupting him, and chased him through the cave.

At one point during the run, Soul Stealer had run down a pathway, leading to an abandoned creek. Knowing that Wound Stone was on his tail, he quickly thought of an obstacle to get away from him. He quickly made a couldron, and then put lava and water in it (In Skylands, Lava + Water = portal to the Netherworld.) Then he threw the cauldron into the creek. Then he quickly teleported back to his home in the Shadow Realm.

When Wound Stone found out about this area, he was very displeased. But he made a small sign out of stalagmites and an almost-rectangular peace of rock, saying "Nether Creek". Now, he spends every moment waiting for "that riot" returning for a visit.

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