"Careful! He bites!"

- Villain Vault

Mega Chompy is a giant monster chompy who is a magic villain in Skylanders Dark Squad. He is fought in Level 1: Rock-Hopper Cliffs.

Villain Theme Edit


Villain Quest Edit

Let's make Chompy Chum - Chapter 4: Pirate Docks

Help Dreadbeard make Chompy Chum for a Pirate Party.

Reward: New Paint Job:

Skin Turns Black

Attacks Edit

Attack 1: Lunge forward and chomp the nearest enemy.

Damage: 240

Attack 2: Stomp and create a shock-wave ring.

Damage: 300

Trivia Edit

  • Mega Chompy does not talk.
  • Instead, he growls and hisses.
  • This is why I put no Quote Section
  • He is one of the slowest villains in the game.

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