This is a list of mages in Skylands.

  1. Chompy Mage
  2. Sheep Mage
  3. Broccoli Mage
  4. Rage Mage
  5. Slug Mage
  6. Pepper Mage
  7. Dream Mage
  8. Spider Mage
  9. Wolf Mage
  10. Golden Mage
  11. Evil Mage
  12. Drow Mage
  13. Shark Mage
  14. Golem Mage
  15. Bear Mage
  16. Dinosaur Mage
  17. Candy Mage
  18. Bomb Mage
  19. Mummy Mage
  20. Treasure Mage
  21. Sprout Mage
  22. Troll Mage
  23. Cyclops Mage
  24. Dog Mage
  25. Fish Mage
  26. Orc Mage
  27. Dragon Mage
  28. Chum Mage
  29. Evil Mage


  • The first four are real characters. The rest are made-up.
  • Broccoli Mage is Broccoli Guy but with a different name.
  • Three of them are trappable villains.

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