Skylanders Ultrabuild is a Lego construction theme that uses Hero Factory's build.



  1. Spyro
  2. Gill Grunt
  3. Trigger Happy
  4. Eruptor
  5. Chop Chop
  6. Terrafin
  7. Sonic Boom
  8. Stealth Elf


  1. Tree Rex
  2. Crusher
  3. Eye Brawl

Swap ForceEdit

  1. Wash Buckler
  2. Blast Zone
  3. Magna Charge
  4. Hoot Loop
  5. Free Ranger
  6. Rattle Shake

Trap MastersEdit

  1. Snap Shot
  2. Wallop
  3. Wild Fire
  4. Gear Shift
  5. Krypt King
  6. Gusto


  1. Spitfire
  2. Stormblade
  3. Splat
  4. Super Shot Stealth Elf
  5. Double Dare Trigger Happy
  6. Shark Shooter Terrafin 

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