"Let it Blow!"

-Kissappear's official catchphrase

Kissappear is one of the new Dimension Warriors who will make her debut in Skylanders: Dimensions. She is of the Life element and her Dimension power is Invisible. She also has an Enchanted counterpart.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


  • Her catchphrase is a pun on the songs "Let it Snow" and "Let it Go."
  • She breaks the fourth wall in her character trailer by kissing the screen. 
  • After she kisses the screen, it cracks and pink lipstick is left on the screen.
    • In her character trailer she is wearing pink lipstick, but in the game her lipstick is red.
  • She and Lily are the only new female Skylanders for Dimensions.
    • Coinicidently, they are both Life Skylanders.
  • She and Ninjini are the only female non-Core Skylanders.
  • When she enters the game, she blows a kiss to the fourth wall audience.
  • When her Soul Gem upgrade is purchased, she gets a new coat of armor.
    • Also, her lips become slighty larger and turn a glossy red.

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