Species: Human/Fire Elemental Hybrid
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Role: User
Appears in: Skylanders: Fan Wiki
Attacks/Actions: Attack 1: Hands of Fire

Attack 2: Imagination

Attack 3: Dog Bark

First Release: Skylanders: Fan Wiki
"You Just Got Burned!"
—Inferno999's official catchphrase

Inferno999 is a Fire User Skylander from Skylanders: Fan Wiki.



Inferno999 had been born later then he was supposed and something happened to him that never, ever changed. He was smarter than everyone else, more creative, and more importantly, a specialty with pyrotechnics. He never fit in, mainly because he didn't like what everyone else did. He wanted to do the stuff his own way, without anyone telling him what to do. He won many competitions and finally joined the Skylanders.

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