Hourglass Citadel is the fifth level in Skylanders: Fan Wiki.

Skylanders HourGlass Citadel pic

Task Edit

Find the Core Hourglass.


Along the Tower of Time, a lesser known place is around, known as Hourglass Citadel. It is a colossal kingdom which has a colossal hourglass at the core. As the sand in the Core Hourglass flows, so does time everywhere else. It is said, that when all the sand is gone, the universe will disappear and reset. We don't know if it's true because the sand has never run out. Or has it?

Elemental GatesEdit

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air

Areas To FindEdit

  • Clockwork Hall
    • Element: Tech
  • Sands of Time
    • Element: Earth
  • Time Arena
    • Element: Fire


Legendary TreasureEdit

  • Quill of Memory

Soul GemEdit


  • Wheel Hat
  • Olympic Hat

Story ScrollEdit

  • Passing Time

The citizens of Hourglass Citadel never had a way to pass time, as time was slower than it was anywhere else. So they thought, if you need to pass time, why not literally pass time? They went to the Core Hourglass, and made the sand flow faster. Time still goes slower there, as that made us faster too.

Editable Areas Edit

  • House of Time

Polls Edit

  • What's your favorite Adventure Pack?


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