This article is for the Dark Squad villain, you may be looking for the Travellers villain.

"Crazy and magical with all things in-between."

- Villain Vault

Hocus Pocus is a magical owl who is the same species as Hoot Loop, but with one long green staff and blue robes. He is short and fat, and has bugled green eyes. You fight him in Level 3: Isle of Eyes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Let's start the MADNESS!"- First Encountered
  • "Go away, before I do something CRAZY!"
  • "Let my staff do the talking!"

Trap Quotes Edit

  • "So what's your thoughts? Do you want me on the team or not?!"
  • "This is more mental than meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!" - When Trapping
  • "What the? Where am I? I want pie! I want this to stop!"
  • "That guy must be crazy. I can never be caught!"
  • "Crazy for good? That could work!"
  • "Come on, are you crazy? PICK ME!"
  • "This is easy! Pick me!"
  • "Coming in crazy style!"
  • "Don't play with magiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!!!" - Entering the Game
  • "Persephone is using her magic all wrong! She is using it for others, not ME!"

Villain Theme Edit

Cafe Crazy - 2nd in the search.

Villain Quest Edit

Bye-Bye Walls! Found in Chapter 3.

Help Rizzo destroy a wall.

Reward: New Paint Job:

Gold Robes

Attacks Edit

Attack 1: Zap enemies with a burst of magic from your staff.

Damage: 80

Attack 2: Let out a huge energy explosion

Damage: 300

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