Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Role: Relic Guardian
First Release: Skylanders: Relics
"Head's Up!"
—Headmutt's official catchphrase

Headmutt is an Earth Relic Guardian from Skylanders: Relics. His Relic is the Stone Bone.

Story Edit


Headmutt was born with a very special gift: A pair of horns. For a dog, this was huge. A dog with horns only came once every hundred years. Headmutt enjoyed the spotlight, but stayed true to his legacy. He became head guard of the Doghead Army. An army of trolls attacked during midnight, when everyone was asleep. Headmutt defeated all of them with his horns, beginning his time as a Relic Guardian.


  • Attack 1: Horn Charge
    • Charge enemies.
  • Attack 2: Horn Slash
    • Slice enemies.

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