Goo - Goo Baa - Baa
Basic Stats
Attack 300
Defense 100
Speed 250
Luck 50
Other attributes
Element Toxic
Type Core
Appears in Skylanders: Dark Squad

- Goo-Goo Baa-Baa's official catchphrase

Goo-Goo Baa-Baa is a regular, completely normal sheep, but there is one exception... he rides in a very large silver tank that shoots globs of green goo and can charge over enemies. Goo - Goo Baa - Baa created the tank so he could stop an evil force from taking over his homelands. He is a core from the new Toxic Element and appears in Skylanders: Dark Squad.

Biography Edit

Goo-Goo Baa-Baa used to be an ordinary sheep, who grazed in the fields with his flock, with not a care in the world. That is, until the evil Sheep Mage came, trying to find recruits for his sheep army to go to war. When all the sheep instantly refused, the Sheep Mage was infuriated, and he tried to force the sheep to join him by making his Slime Gear Golems try to kidnap them. Infuriated by the unfairness, Goo-Goo Baa-Baa started to lead a resistance to fight back. Once the war had started, Goo-Goo Baa-Baa started to collect Slime Gear Golem parts and collect their slime. Soon, he had crafted an awesome Slime Tank, in which he used to defeat the Sheep Mage and his golems, and lead the sheep to freedom. While he just wanted to continue his life after that, he knew he and his tank were meant to do other great things. So he joined the Skylanders, and remains a proud member today.

Upgrades Edit

Starter Upgrades: Edit

Engage Goo Guns!

Blast a glob of goo at enemies. Hold Attack 1 for rapid fire.

Charge Mode:

Charge forward and smash everything out of your way!

More Upgrades Coming Soon!

Quotes Edit

  • "Baa-some!"
  • "Look at the mess I've made!"
  • "That's gonna leave a mark!"
  • "Oh! This will be used for tank upgrades!" - Unlocking A Treasure Chest
  • "Extra armor for battle!" - When receiving a hat.

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