"Hack Attack"
    —Gigabyte's Official Catchphrase
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Species: Cyborg Caiman
Gender: Male
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Attacks/Actions: TBA

Gigabyte is a cyborg caiman who uses special weapons to attack, his legs are made entirely of green binary codes.


Gigabyte was a cyborg created by Kaos to infect all the computers in skylands, to force everyone to watch all of his bad singing on SkyTube. As Gigabyte proceeded to infect, a short circuit caused Gigabyte's software to alter. This alteration process changed Gigabyte's personality from a ruthless robot, to a pure-hearted machine which made him quickly re think his doings and went back to teach Kaos a lesson! after Eon heard about the good deed, he then asked Gigabyte to be a skylander.


Byte: Press primary button to let of a pixely bite, feel the pain.

Binary morph: Press secondary button to morph into the following: A Rhino, and a hawk.

Saw tail: Swipes saw tail in front of him.

              Rhino can ram horn as primary, has a lot of defense, but slow speed.
               Hawk can glide, can use a homing peck attack as primary, quick, but low defense.

Basic Upgrades Edit

Kilobyte: Bite does more damage, look out for sharp pixels.

New morph: Now you can also morph into a bear, which can quickly swipe as the primary button, moderate speed, good defense, but easy target to hit.

Gunnerdile: Hold primary button then release to fire a heat seeking missile.

Hold down third attack button then release to fire slightly weak, but rapid firing laser bolts that last for about 7 seconds.

Full memory (Biting and morphing) Edit

Megabyte: Bite does max damage

Final morph: Now you can morph into an octopus that whips tentacles as primary attack, a bit sluggish, can swim in water, and has good defense, and may occasionally block projectiles.

Pixel trail: Leave streams of pixels behind you wherever you walk.

Projectile exquisite (Projectiles) Edit

Missle mauler: Shoot 3 missiles instead of one.

Morph bomb: Hold down secondary button to cause an explosion launching pixels everywhere, and blade tail does increased damage.

Launch morph: Now you can morph into a large hornet that glides over ground, shoots homing stingers, low defense, and quick speed, and can dodge some ground attacks.

Soul Gem and Wowpow Edit

Soulgem: Leather hard: Armor is increased.

Wowpow: Animal mechanical: All animals have increased power!


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Gigabytes toy figure:

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