``Keeping it Cool!´´

Frozen Freeze Blade is a reposed swapper with the speed ability of the Ice element in Skylanders Adventures.
ICE - Frozen Freeze Blade - SWAPPER


When he was young, Freeze Blade's family moved from the Frozen Wastelands of Vesh to the Great Lava Lakes. As it turned out, this was a very difficult adjustment for Freeze Blade. Not only was he the sole one of his kind, it was also incredibly hot and there was no ice to skate on whatsoever. But over the years, he learned to fit in with the other fire-like creatures and even discovered he had a magical ability to ice skate on any surface... even bubbling lava. One day, while out setting a new frozen lava speed record, he came across Blast Zone, who had just been ambushed by some nasty Spell Punks. After Freeze Blade stepped in to defend him, Blast Zone was so impressed by his skill in battle that he introduced him to Master Eon, who invited him to join the Skylanders.


  1. Press Attack 1 to throw an icy chakram.
  2. Press Attack 2 to dash forward a short distance and damage enemies in the way.
  3. Press Attack 3 to fire a shard of ice that freezes enemies.
  4. Press Attack 3 to fire a shard of ice that freezes enemies.

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