"Jaw and Order!"
    —Frost Bite's official catchphrase

Frost Bite is a new core Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is of the Water element. He is a care-free polar bear.


Frost Bite is a big, buff polar bear with thick, messy fur. He is very laid back, and doesn't get easily bothered by things. He sports a pair of goggles that he hangs on his head. A gleaming silver belt is coiled around his waist from his wrestling days.




POWER - 240/300

ARMOR - 200/300

AGILITY - 90/300

LUCK - 160/300


Close Combat

Press Attack 1 to do different wrestling takedowns on enemies

Frost Chomp

Press Attack 2 to bite enemies, making them freeze shortly.

Iceberg Surfing

Press Attack 3 to claw at enemies; hold to ride an iceberg.

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