Elephant fire by mylittlegodzilla-d5jngeq

srrk5frmtFirephant is a new skylander in Skylanders Beast


Firephant was once part of a rough gang know as the firederms who stole from crooks and give them to the poor villager's Firephant was a clam a mellow fellow he like to relax and sit by a firey lake instead of helping his motarbike gang. Then one day while he was relaxing near lava lakes a huge shadow block out the sun. When Firephant look up he saw a giant hovering machine it was courrptrex plan to suck up all the lava for the core of darkness machine. Firephant wasn't mad he was steaming mad so mad that he begins to bust into flames so then he pulls down one of the chains and climb on top of the machine there he use the chain as a flaming whip and use his trunck to breathe fire and change into the machine with his flaming tusks. Sidewinder saw this and was very pleased so he let Firephant join the beast's to take down Courrptrex.

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