Species: Crocodile
Gender: Male
Element: Poison
Role: Villain


"Don't want to find this guy in a swamp."
—Villain Vault

Everblade is a Poison Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Swamp Forest. He is one of the secondary Doom Raiders, the Mad Baddies.


Everblade has a habit of trying to make everybody around him his slave. That, or he executes them. He wields two swords in his hands, which both have a poison tip. So, if you chose execution instead of slavery, keep in mind that it will hurt. A lot.


  • Attack 1: Slices at enemies, poisoning them.
  • Attack 2: Bite enemies.
  • Attack 3: Leave a poisonous trail


When evolved, Everblade turns from green to brown. He also gains a suit of armour. For his villain quest, you must meet Otto in Swamp Forest. Otto's trying fishing, and he's terrible! He says: "Missed the fish again! So close! Hey, can you get Everblade? He might get a fish for me." Once you bring Everblade to Otto, he says: "Catch these fish! Please!"


  • "You're about to get swamped."
  • "What a croc!"
  • "I am Everblade! I do the trapping! Me!"
  • "Choose me or execution."

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