Death Trap
Species: Dragon
Gender: Male
Element: Fossil/Undead
Role: Villain


""He likes to keep his stuff. All of his stuff."
—Villain Vault

Death Trap is a Fossil Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Midnight Heist. He is one of the secondary Doom Raiders, the Mad Baddies.

Death Trap is also a Undead Trappable Villain from Skylanders: Elemental Masters


Skylanders 2nd Generation: Death Trap was known for stealing treasure and keeping it all to himself. When the Mad Baddies stole the Sky Crystal, Death Trap was sent to guard it from the Skylanders. He is black, so when people try to steal his treasure he can sneak up on them.

Skylanders: Elemental Masters: Death Trap was known for stealing treasure and keeping it all to himself. When Kaos invaded Flash Tower, he sent Death Trap to protect the top floor.


  • Attack 1: Hit enemies with tail. This gives you money, as he is pick-pocketing.
  • Attack 2: Make an avalanche of treasure.


When evolved, Death Trap turns from black to gold.

Skylanders 2nd Generation: You must meet Ernie in Pain Peak. He needs Death Trap to stop the poverty with his treasure! He says: "There are so many problems, and so little people to do it! But could you get Death Trap to end the poverty?" Once you bring Death Trap to Ernie, he says: "Death Trap! Make an avalanche of treasure, please!"

Skylanders: Elemental Masters: TBA


  • "My treasure!"
  • "Why me? Come on, what did I do?"
  • "Can I still have the treeaassssuuuuurrrrrrreeee!?"
  • "I want my treasure!"
  • "So keep my treasure, but steal treasure from bad guys. That sounds confusing."
  • "You know what, I like this place. Except I'm not seeing any treasure?"


  • He bears a resemblance to Golden Queen, as both are main enemies who are obsessed with treasure.
  • He also bears a resemblance to Chomp Chest, as both can gain money with one of their attacks.

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