UndeadSymbolSkylanders Cyndi UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Species: Dragon
Gender: Female
Element: Undead
Role: Mini
World: Miniverse
Appears in: Skylanders: Minis
Skylanders: Time Rift
Skylanders: Gravity Group
Attacks/Actions: Spectral Lightning
Shadow Dash
Cyndi Flight
Black Lightning
Shadow Reach
English Voice Actor: Tobie LaSalandra
First Release: Skylanders: Minis
"Volts and Lightning!"
    —Cyndi's official catchphrase

Cyndi is the mini counterpart of the Undead Skylander Cynder introduced in Skylanders: Minis.

Biography Edit

While just an egg, Cyndi was stolen by the henchmen of an evil dragon named Minifor and raised to do his bidding. For years, she spread fear throughout the land until she was defeated by Spry the Dragon and freed from the grip of Minifor. But dark powers still flow through her, and despite her desire to make amends for her past, most Skylanders try to keep a safe distance… just in case.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

Quotes Edit

Battle Cries Edit

  • "Volts and Lightning!"
  • "Leading the charge!"
  • "Fully charged!"
  • "All charged up!"
  • "No rest for the wicked!"
  • "Time for trouble!"
  • "Born to scorch!"
  • "Never stood a chance!"
  • "Hehe, I'm to die for!"
  • "I'd tell you nice try, but it wasn't!"
  • "This should give me a jolt!"
  • "I'm wicked, so what?"
  • "This is my kind of place!" - when opening an Undead elemental zone
  • "You call that a challenge?"
  • "My power will haunt you!" - when checking Cynder's stats
  • "Shocking abilities, aren't they?"
  • "Power is scary!" - when getting upgraded
  • "Take flight!"

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