Crow 'n' Arrow
Species: Crow
Gender: Male
Element: Animal
Role: Villain


"A crow with a bow."
—Villain Vault

Crow 'n' Arrow is an Animal Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Wild Camp.


Crow 'n' Arrow was made the main warrior of the Wild Folk by Tomahawk. He has pitch black feathers and tries to shoot any intruders.


  • Attack 1: Shoot arrow.
  • Attack 2: Dashes into enemies.


When evolved, Tomahawk turns from black to black and white. For his villain quest, you must meet Colin in Midnight Heist. To get past the guards, Colin needs a black thing to protect him! He says: "I need that treasure! I need someone black, like Crow 'n' Arrow! Think you could get him for me?" Once you bring Crow 'n' Arrow to Colin, he says: "Good! Now just cover me with your wings, and sneak past the guards."


  • "Beaten black and crow!"
  • "I'll shoot you out of the sky!"
  • "Crow's don't deserve to be locked up like this!"
  • "Choose me!"

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