Cosmic Claw is an alien-like being who serves as the main antagonist in the handheld version of Skylanders: Dimensions.


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Gameplay Tips

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  • A lot of fans constantly mistake him of being Star Strike's father.
  • He strongly resembles the Flatwoods Monster. Here are the only notable differences between the two:
    • Cosmic Claw is only about 5 feet tall.
    • Cosmic Claw is blue.
    • Cosmic Claw's face is orange.
    • Cosmic Claw has a mouth.
    • Cosmic Claw actually talks.
    • Cosmic Claw doesn't make a loud hissing sound like the Flatwoods Monster.
  • It is mentioned that he can't resist pancakes.
  • He appears as a Legendary Treasure in the console version.
  • His English voice actor, Kevin McDonald, is best known for providing the voices of Almighty Tallest Purple from Invader Zim and Waffle from Catscratch.
  • He will appear as an antagonist in Skylanders: Heroes.

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