Corn on the Cob
Species: Mutant Corn
Gender: Male
Element: Food
Role: Villain


"You'll never want corn again."
—Villain Vault

Corn on the Cob is a Food Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap him in Sugar Farm.


Corn on the Cob is just a corn with arms, legs, mouth, eyes, and stuff like that.


  • Attack 1: Make all ears of corn fall out on enemies.
  • Attack 2: Spit out ears of corn.


When evolved, Corn on the Cob turns from yellow to green. For his villain quest, you must meet Ernie in Pain Peak. Famine is everywhere, and you have to give your corn. He says: "We have nothing to eat here! People ae starving, and they're gonna die if you don't bring food here soon! Maybe Corn on the Cob would be willing to donate some of his ears?" Once you bring Corn on the Cob to Otto, he says: "Corn on the Cob, finally! Hope this doesn't hurt..."


  • "Want corn?"
  • "Why does this always happen to corn?"
  • "Ummm... Want any corn?"
  • "I'll give you corn!"

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