``Freeze It Up´´

Cool Head is a core skylander of the water element in Skylanders Adventures

WATER - Cool Head - CORE


Cool Head was the guardian of the Temple of glass, a former Palace in which the original shell was saved. One day, one of the soldiers of the temple broke without the original shell and are then unleashed a terrible eternal storm. Cool Head was quickly to read the book on the shell and there said that if the shell triggered the eternal storm, only it could be arranged if a marine creature risked to climb into the Vortex and then Cool Head enter into the Vortex and the storm disappeared, Cool Head appeared with a different look and the magical powers of the shellthen I recruited Riptide for the skylanders.


  1. She can hit her enemies with her magic hair.
  2. She can shoot water balls.
  3. She can open a Magic Vortex.

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