"Cool kitty!"

-Cool Cat's official catchphrase

Cool Cat is a Gemini Tiger Skylander from Skylanders: Hybrids. She carries the Water Element and and proven to be the sister of Coal Stripe.






As a week old Gemini Tiger cub, Cool Cat was separated from her brother Coal Stripe and taken to a mountian top near the headquarters of the protectors of Skylands, the Skylanders. There, she was raised by fellow Water element Gemini Tigers. When word came out of a kidnapped Fire Gemini Tiger that returned as a "hybrid scum", Cool Cat left to see him for herself by herself. Instead, she was confronted by the yeti Slam Bam, who questioned why a feline was in the cold and so brought her to the Core of Light. Also there was a Fire Gemini Tiger, but had hardend black stripes. Master Eon made them both Skylanders and the realize that they are sibling upon their return to their birthplace, the Soulstorm Isles.


  • Cool Cat is based as an opposite to Hot Dog.