Cola Sewers is the seventh level in Skylanders: Fan Wiki.


Beat Kaos's minions to the legendary candy corn.

Gates Edit

  • Magic - Candy Cove
  • Water - WaterSlide Sewer
  • Air - Secret exit

Enemies Edit

Legendary Treasure Edit

  • Slightly-Not-So-Legendary Chewed-up Bubblegum

Soul Gems Edit


  • Candy Corn Hat
  • Biggest Fan Hat
  • Jelly Hat
  • soda cola hat

Story Scroll Edit

  • How did candy get in a sewer?

You'd be interested to know that Cola Sewers wasn't always filled with candy. It wasn't even called Cola Sewers at that point! It was filled with broccoli and brussel sprouts by two notorious villains known as Broccoli Guy and Tussle Sprout. The two bad guys ruled the Vegetable Sewers for a long time, but what they didn't know, was that there was a part of the sewers that was right under the Candy Kingdom. The sweetness from the Candy Kingdom reached the sewers and turned the disgusting vegetables into delicious, mouthwatering... Candy! Before long, the candy flowed through the whole sewer. You'd have candy in your traps right now if they hadn't escaped. Would've been so much better, wouldn't it?

Editable Areas Edit

  • The-More-Delicious-Candy Area

Polls Edit

  • whats your favourite level?