"All Horn and No Bite!"

Chompy-King's Catchphrase

Basic Stats
Attack 300
Defense 40
Speed 280
Luck 10
Other attributes
Element Tech
Type Chompy
Appears in Skylanders: Fan Wiki (video game)

Chompy King is a User Skylander introduced in Skylanders: Fan Wiki (video game). He is based of the user Chompy-King.

Appearance Edit

Chompy-King is simply a Giant Chompy with a massive horn similar to a rhino's. He is red, unlike the other chompies. He also runs around on top of a massive gear similar to Rocky-Roll.

Story Edit

Chompy-King used to live with a pack of chompies. He was different though because he was ginormous, red and had a massive horn. Some chompies admired his horn and size, but others laughed at him because he was red and different. Chompy-King felt alone. But one day, he found a massive gear half buried in the forest. He used his horn to dig it up, and then saw how he could use the gear to give him power! This boast in confidence made him decide to join the Skylanders, and fight evil with his flame breath, horn charge and massive gear!

Powers Edit

1. A Charge to Remember:

Charge into enemies with your massive horn.

2. Flame Power!

Breathe fire and damage all in the way!

3. Gear Ride:

Shift to Gear mode and crush enemies with your rolling Gear.

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