Species: Chinchilla
Gender: Female
Element: Ice
Role: Villain


"You'll fall in love with her cuteness, and then you'll realise your wallet is empty."
—Villain Vault

Chinchiller is a Ice Trappable Villain from Skylanders 2nd Generation. You trap her in Pain Peak. She is one of the Secondary Doom Raiders, the Mad Baddies.


Chinchiller is teased by the other Mad Baddies because of her size. She is about as small as a regular chinchilla, except a hundred times more evil. She is known for distracting others with her cuteness and then knocking them out and stealing everything on them.


  • Attack 1: Distract enemies with cuteness and put them in a daze.
  • Attack 2: Jump on enemies and bite them.
  • Attack 3: Make the temperature drop and freeze enemies.


When evolved, Chinchiller turns from grey to brown. For her villain quest, you must meet Seth in Wild Camp. Some villagers are hiding in their cabins, and Seth thinks they need to be cheered up! He says: "These poor guys are so scared of the Wild Folk. They're not coming out, no matter what I do! But I think Chinchiller will be cute enough to get them to come out of their shell. Figuratively speaking, of course." Once you bring Chinchiller to Seth, he says: "Chinchiller! Thank goodness! Can you get these Villagers out? I can't seem to do anything!"


  • "Don't call me cute!"
  • "Oh, come on! How can you resist a face like this?"
  • "Fine! I don't care! Though no cuteness, you here me!?"
  • "Choose the adorable one!"

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