Cave of DOOM! is the second level in Skylanders: Elemental Masters.

Task Edit

Solve Kaos' riddle and find the Legendary Lamp.


The Cave of Wonders (or DOOM!, if you're like Kaos) was filled with, well, wonders. More gold than you can imagine, and most importantly the Legendary Lamp, which holds a genie who will grant three wishes, only to those who have a kind heart.

Elemental GatesEdit


Areas To FindEdit



Legendary TreasureEdit

  • Golden Scarab

Soul GemEdit


  • Scarab Hat
  • Sphinx Hat

Story ScrollEdit

  • The Great Genie

Deep in the Cave of Wonders, there is a genie. He will give you three wishes, as long as you have a good heart. So this would come in very handy to heroes like the Skylanders, but pretty useless to Kaos.

Skylander QuestsEdit



You start in a dirt circle called the Crysean Circle. Below you is liquid gold. If you go forward, you will continue the chapter, but if you go backwards you will find a treasure chest. If you keep going forwards, you will find yourself in an arena. Five Scarab Swordfighters appear, and you must defeat them. If you turn left there is a normal Air gate.