FireSymbolSkylanders BCtheBoss FireSymbolSkylanders
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Role: User Skylander
World: Earth


"Light It Up!"
—BCtheBoss's official catchphrase

BCtheBoss (also known simply as BC) is one of the Fire User Skylanders in Skylanders: Fan Wiki. He is based on the user of the same name and also has a Nitro counterpart.



BC was just your average teenager. He liked to hang out with friends, minded his own business, focused on his studies, and commonly pull pranks on others. One day, when he was about to pull a prank on his father, his laptop went whack and literally pulled him in. BC awoke to find himself in what appeared to be some part of Skylands, even though the environments didn't seem familiar. After wandering around this new world for about an hour, he stumbled upon a couple of goblins who were carrying a heavy looking container. Upon discovering him, the monsters attacked BC. BC knew he wasn't strong enough to fight them so instead, he decided to try and outsmart them. After a few minutes of bobbing and weaving he managed to blow up the goblins with their own bombs (which he grabbed during the whole bobbing and weaving thing) and opened the container the creatures were carrying. Inside it, he found a new Arkeyan battle suit powered with the element of Fire. It was still a prototype, but it worked perfectly. Soon afterwards, BC came across a few more humans. It didn't take him long to realize that they were his friends from Wikia, and immediately decided to help them on their quest to stop CouyZ, return home, and find something to eat.


  • Some parts from the Crucible of the Ages were used to construct BC's armor.
  • Despite being an Arkeyan battle suit, BC's armor is not powered by Petrified Darkness.
  • It is believed that the armor was supposed to be delivered to Couy.
  • BC's armor slightly resembles the Green Goblin's armor from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
    • There are also refrences to this villain in BC's biography.
  • Out of all the User Skylanders, he has the lowest speed.
    • This is most likely due to his heavy armor.
  • The other humans BC encountered were fellow User Skylanders: BHCreations, Poseidon133, Blindsighter101, and Inferno999.
    • He also met Dani3204, but he wasn't a User Skylander.
      • He and Blindsighter101 are the only User Skylanders who are African American.

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