"Blinded by the Light!"

Aura Flashwing is the Series 2 Version of Flashwing in Skylanders: Dual Strikers. She is of the Earth Element.

WOW Pow Edit

Because this Skylander is from the very first game in my series, she will only have 1 WOW Pow.

The WOW Pow is called "Right Back at Ya!"

This upgrade allows Flashwing to absorb any structure of an attack used against her, and shoot it right back at the enemy who shot it.

Example: If a cannonball is shot at her, she'll absorb what it is made of, in this case, metal, turn into metal, and then shoot a cannonball back at the enemy who shot it.

Trivia Edit

  • This Wow Pow doesn't apply for PVP Mode.
  • Her toy has the Armored Aura Upgrade, giving her Sparkles on her wings.

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