"A firefighter with the most unusual hose."

---Prison Warp

Anti Fire is a Mabu with a water hose hand, who is one of the Fire villains in Skylanders: Portal Pullers. He is was put in Prison Warp for dumping people and sheep into lava in the Troll Factory.

Database Edit

Species: Mabu

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Role: Villain

World: Skylands

Attacks: Hose Hand, Flying Fedora

Appears In: Skylanders: Portal Pullers

Quotes Edit

  • "Fire Away!" when first seen.
  • "It's boiling cold!" when battling.
  • "Ok, I'll become a good firefighter, just don't do what you're going to do!" when trapped under the forcefield.
  • "I'm sorry! It was the hose hand's FAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUULT!!!!!!!!!" when sucked into the vortex.
  • "Oh boy. Now I'm really under fire." When in the trap.
  • "A second chance! Oh boy!" when becoming good.
  • "It's OOOOONNN!!" when set into the game.
  • "Just warming up!" When battling enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • When entering the battling as a Giant, Anti Fire reveals that he is Blobber's brother, and is having his revenge for leaving him at Cutthroat Carnival.
  • In case you don't understand, when shooting his hose, a long water hand shoots out.
  • Despite the attack is named "Flying Fedora", Anti Fire does not where a fedora.

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